Elected President of the United States against Hillary Clinton in 2016, Donald Trump succeeded Barack Obama in the White House. After four years of much-criticized presidency, the real estate mogul has run for a second and final term, as allowed by the US constitution. Unfortunately for him, he was beaten by Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who therefore became the 45th president in US history in 2020. Claiming since his defeat that this election was stolen from him, Donald Trump intends to run for a new time in the presidential election in 2024 against Joe Biden, who recently announced his intention to run for a second term despite being 82 years old.

However, Republicans may be forced to turn to a candidate other than Donald Trump next year. Indeed, the former resident of the White House has just been found guilty of sexual assault on a former journalist on Tuesday May 9, 2023, by the jury of a civil court in New York. He will thus have to pay 5 million dollars to the plaintiff. The incriminating facts date back to 1996. The former columnist of Elle magazine, E. Jean Carroll, claimed that Donald Trump had raped her, sexually assaulted her, or had forced her to touch her without her consent, in a cabin of fitting of a New York department store, Bergdorf Goodman.

Found responsible for sexual assault, Donald Trump will have to pay $ 5 million in compensation to columnist E. Jean Carroll ➡️ https://t.co/HXXRypNLvh pic.twitter.com/hqnfsbbZji

– The Parisian (@le_Parisien) May 9, 2023

Donald Trump: his candidacy for the American presidential election threatened following the verdict?

For his part, the husband of Melanie Trump has always disputed these accusations, and has also pleaded not guilty during his trial. It was in 2019 that E. Jean Carroll first revealed this story in the pages of a book, when Donald Trump was still the President of the United States at that time. After accusing the former journalist of lying in order to boost sales of this book, the billionaire was sued by the complainant for defamation. It was finally thanks to a new law in the State of New York, now allowing alleged victims to take civil legal action even for potentially prescribed facts, that E. Jean Carroll was able to sue Donald Trump for rape in November 2022.

Donald Trump accused of sexual assault: the verdict is in, this case will cost him dearly

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