Donald Trump will soon face justice. Since 2019, the former president of the United States has been accused of rape by American journalist Elizabeth Jean Carroll. Claiming later that he had never met her, the young woman had filed a complaint for defamation. On April 10, Donald Trump will appear in court in New York, but before that, he was auditioned on October 19, at his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida. His remarks were made public on January 18 by CBNC and these are making a lot of noise. As soon as the charges emerged, the principal concerned immediately claimed that he did not know Elizabeth Jean Carroll. However, a photo of an NBC event, dating from 1987 has resurfaced and this one shows the opposite. We can see Donald Trump alongside his accuser. When this photo was shown to him, the former US president did not recognize the journalist. “It’s Marla”, he would have declared, thus referring to Marla Maples, with whom he was married between 1993 and 1999. “You say that Marla is in this photo?” Elizabeth Jean Carroll. “It’s Marla, yeah. She’s my wife,” said Donald Trump again before being contradicted by Alina Habba, his lawyer. “No, it’s Carroll,” she reportedly said. But what happened to confuse the two women?

It was in 2019 that journalist Elizabeth Jean Carroll spoke in the columns of Elle magazine. Charges that came during Donald Trump’s presidential term. “This is what I was wearing 23 years ago when Donald Trump attacked me in a fitting room at a Bergdorf Goodman store,” she first said before providing details. “As soon as the locker room door is closed, he throws himself on me, pushes me against the wall, hits my head hard and puts his mouth on my lips”, she recalled before adding: “I am so shocked that I push him away and start laughing again. He grabs me by the arms and pushes me against the wall a second time, he hugs me against the wall with his shoulder and puts his hand under my coat dress and pulls down my pantyhose” . A moving testimony and facts that Donald Trump has always denied. “I’ve never met this person in my life,” he first said before accusing the young woman of wanting to make money on his back. “She’s trying to sell a new book. That should tell you what her motives are. It should be sold in the fiction department.” In a few weeks, Donald Trump will face justice.

Donald Trump: did he insult Elizabeth Jean Carroll during her testimony?

The revelations about Donald Trump are linked. The CBNC media revealed excerpts from a video of the former president under oath. On these, we can see the politician uttering insults to his accuser. “She says I did something to her that never happened. Nothing happened. I don’t know anything about that weirdo,” he allegedly said, according to the video transcript. He later clarified that the journalist would be behind a “complete scam” in which she described acts of rape as if she were “promoting a lousy book”. Whoever continues to deny the facts is also said to have assured his intention to “carry on after it’s over and that’s the only thing I’m really looking forward to doing.” The trial will begin next April.

Donald Trump accused of rape: confronted with a photo, he takes the complainant for his ex-wife

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