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Donald Trump abandoned: White House staff did not come to work on Friday

Currently awaiting the results of the election, Donald Trump, more stressed than ever, is seeking support from his relatives and voters. But he was abandoned by his staff who did not show up for work on Friday, November 6, according to Weijia Jiang, the White House correspondent, on the American channel CBS News. “The west wing is empty since many employees from the west wing did not show up for work on Friday.” She also indicated that “the atmosphere inside the White House is dark” and gave news of Donald Trump, explaining that he was experiencing an “emotional lift”. Indeed, as the vote count is slowly coming to an end, the president “began to tell those close to him that the calculations might not add up for him,” she explained. She also added that he is “angry and disappointed because he is not receiving support from his allies”. It is therefore an image of a defeated president that Weijia let appear.

As a reminder, even if the final results are not yet known, they suggest that Joe Biden would be the winner of this election. But the husband of Mélania Trump decided not to stop there and did not hesitate to use Twitter, a social network on which he posts very regularly. From the start, he had claimed victory in many states where the votes had not yet been counted. Subsequently, he has repeatedly accused Joe Biden of “stealing the elections”, by multiplying the tweets about him. “Tens of thousands of votes were illegally received after 8 p.m. Tuesday, election day, and they totally change the results in Pennsylvania and some other states,” he wrote on Saturday, November 7.

Censored tweets

If Donald Trump uses Twitter to give his opinion on the elections, the social network does not approve of this idea. Indeed, each time he tweets, a message appears, explaining that “part or all of the content shared in this Tweet is disputed and likely to be misleading as to the mode of participation in one election or another. civic process “. A censorship that does not prevent him from expressing himself and giving his opinion on the election. This Saturday, November 7, Joe Biden is in the lead with 264 voters against 214 for Donald Trump. As a reminder, in order to be elected, one of the two candidates must obtain 270 electors.

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