Dolly Parton: the singer’s very cute anecdote about her father

Country star, Dolly Parton is a very active global icon in the music and film world, in which she has often played her own role. She recently took part in an episode of the Apple-produced Time to Walk podcast, in which a celebrity shares anecdotes about her life and what inspires her. Dolly Parton took the opportunity to tell about her childhood, where she was part of a family of twelve children in Tennessee. While his uncle Bill, who worked at a local radio station, helped him at the start of his career, it was his father who instilled in him a good mentality: “I always feel like it’s my father. which instilled in me my work ethic “confides the singer.

A statue of Dolly Parton in her hometown

She also recounts an anecdote dating back several decades: “My father used to go to the courthouse where they had erected a statue of me. I remember I was very proud of this statue, I said to myself” A statue of me in the courthouse garden? Usually it’s reserved for presidents or people who have accomplished great things. “Miley Cyrus’ godmother explains that she went to talk to her dad about it.” I came home and said: “Dad, did you know they are going to put a statue of me in the courthouse?” My father replied “Yes, I heard about it. For your fans you might be an idol but for the pigeons you are nothing more than another toilet”.

Dolly Parton’s dad was going to wash his statue

His father may seem very harsh, but the anecdote doesn’t end there: “My father would take a bucket of water and soap out of the back of his pickup and go wash the statue at night. touched so much, I adored my father and wanted him to be proud of me as I was proud of him “. Her father Robert, who died in 2000, also helped Dolly Parton in 1995 launch the “Imagination Library”, a program that aims to provide books to young children whose parents cannot afford them. buy. The singer of the tube Jolene also confided that his involvement in this cause had made his father more proud than his status as a star of the song.

Dolly Parton © Backgrid USA

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