Does Elizabeth II wear makeup on her own?

In each of their official appearances in front of the British people, the members of the royal family must appear elegant, sophisticated, bordering on perfection. The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton always adorns her most beautiful brushings, where no hair sticks out. The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, she always appears in sharp outfits of the greatest designers. As for Queen Elizabeth II, she always takes care to carefully match her hats to her tailors, and of course shines brightly with her many jewels.

On a daily basis, the monarch and fashion icon can count on the help of her personal stylist, a woman named Angela Kelly. For nearly 25 years, she has been accompanying the Queen of England to choose her clothes, the right colors, the right results and the right fit while obviously respecting the imposed protocol. But on the other hand, if Queen Elizabeth II gets help for her outfits, this is not the case for her beauty. The sovereign has always applied makeup on her own.

An exception made each year by Elizabeth II

In October 2019, royal stylist Angela Kelly published a book called The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, in which she talks about Queen Elizabeth II’s little habits. Thus, we learn that she takes care to apply makeup herself for her official commitments. The only times Prince Philip’s wife calls on someone professional is for her traditional Christmas message that she gives every year, every December 25. With millions of Britons watching her on their small screens, the Queen of England wants to make sure she looks flawless. And each time, it’s the British TV star makeup artist, Marilyn Widdess, who is in charge of looking after the queen.

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