Lucy Payne, a 37-year-old Briton, saw her life turn upside down in November 2020, just a year ago. Ten months after giving birth to her second daughter, Eadie, doctors tell her the unthinkable: she has a rare cancer. To save her, it is imperative to remove nine of her organs. “When the surgeons told me all the organs they were going to have to harvest to save my life, I burst into tears.”

Lucy’s symptoms start almost a year before diagnosis, during her pregnancy. As she is expecting her second child, the young woman suffers from an upset stomach and feels very tired. But she, her relatives and the doctors she sees attribute this to her pregnancy. “I kept seeing my midwife, but she said it was just a pregnancy. I had blood tests to check my iron levels, but no one could see what be it abnormal, “says the mother today in the columns of The Sun. When Eadie is born, all is well. But six months after giving birth, Lucy goes to her doctor again to talk about her pains that don’t go away. An ultrasound reveals ovarian cysts, polyps on her uterus, and kidney stones. Lucy is treated quickly for these ailments, and doctors say the mother is far too young to have cancer. But they are wrong …

Surgeons remove nine organs from her in 10-hour operation

During further check-ups in October 2020, the urologist noticed something that had surely been missed. Lucy then undergoes a complete scanner of the thorax and the abdomen, and there, it is the drama. “A few days later they called me and told me I had to come and take someone with me.” Lucy realizes that something is wrong. “When I got to the hospital, they told me it was appendix cancer. At first I thought they could remove it, but the doctor explained that the cancer had spread. all over my abdomen. ” Lucy’s world collapses. “I didn’t know if I was going to survive and I had two little daughters.”

To save her, the surgeons remove her appendix, her spleen, part of her diaphragm, her gallbladder, her peritoneum, her ovaries, her uterus, her fallopian tubes and her omentum – a fatty tissue that surrounds the intestines -. “The operation took a total of ten hours,” said Lucy. After that, 90% of the cancer was removed, leaving only 10% in the lining of his lung. Currently in the midst of chemotherapy, Lucy will need another operation next year to remove the rest of the cancer. “I ended up with a huge scar but I don’t mind. It goes from my chest to my pelvis and I have plenty of other scars dotted around my stomach. To me, they remind me of life. is short and that we should all take advantage of it while we can. “

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