George Thomas Spencer, 4, is one of Terry and Danielle’s identical twins, a couple from Clitheroe. The 4-year-old boy died on March 19, 2021, two hours after his GP at Clitheroe Health Center Dr Jill Osgood discharged him home. Dr Jill Osgood explained that George was prone to a viral infection known as croup during the hearing on Monday June 13, 2022 at Accrington Town Hall, according to the Sun. “His heart rate, temperature and oxygen saturation were all within normal parameters”, confides the doctor, before specifying “He was very talkative and joked, he made complete sentences, he did not have a hoarse voice, but I heard a loud breathing”.

Later in the evening of March 19, 2021, George’s parents noticed that his condition had deteriorated. The 4-year-old twin had blue lips. Her parents, Terry and Danielle, decided to call an ambulance. Before the latter arrived, a neighbor who turned out to be a qualified first aider used a defibrillator to deliver a shock to the little boy’s heart before the arrival of paramedics. “Paramedics then arrived at their home in Clitheroe, Lancashire, and attempted to resuscitate the child for some time before arriving at Blackburn Royal Hospital at around 8.30pm,” The Sun said.

Myocarditis: an extremely complicated disease to diagnose

Dr Peter Fitzmaurice, the pediatric consultant called in by George’s parents, said the toddler’s autopsy revealed the cause of his death to be myocarditis. According to Dr. Peter Fitzmaurice, myocarditis is a disease that can develop after a viral infection and can cause inflammation of the heart muscle. In George’s case, the viral infection in question is croup. “The inquest heard that, even if George had been sent to hospital from the GP surgery, he probably would not have been given an ECG which would have detected myocarditis,” reports The Sun.

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