Do you really burn calories when you have sex?

Sex, a physical activity like any other? Not really. Even though some positions are more acrobatic than others, the weight loss during sex is minimal. To give a precise figure, some scientists have looked into the question.

So, in 2013, Professor Antony D. Karelis and his colleagues at the University of Quebec (Canada) studied the exact number of calories burned while we make love. In an article published in the famous journal Plos One, Professor Karelis assures us that only a handful of studies have attempted to shed light on the physiological effects of sexual relations as a couple. All previous studies have shown an increase in heart rate.

101 calories burned for men

To come to specific conclusions, the team studied data from 21 heterosexual couples, aged 18 to 35. All were asked to have sex once a week for a period of four weeks, while wearing an activity tracker. This device made it possible to calculate the amount of energy expended during each sexual relationship.

Using this analysis, the researchers found that men burned an average of 101 calories and women 69 calories during sex. The average intensity was higher than walking but lower than jogging. In comparison, study participants lost 276 calories for 30 minutes of moderate-pace jogging and 213 for women. Thus, Professor Karelis places sexual relations in the category of exercises of moderate intensity, so sex is not a particularly “energy-intensive” activity.

Obviously, it is always possible to change the situation slightly by adopting certain positions or by increasing the pace. For example, for positions where the man is placed below the woman, the calorie expenditure increases for the latter.

Do you burn calories during sex? © We-Vibe WOW Tech / Unsplash

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