Family drama in India. An unfortunate family in the province of Rajasthan, in the northwest of India, was the scene of a triple suicide and an infanticide on May 28, 2022. And the cause of the story is as tragic as the outcome . According to the Times of India, the three victims are Kamlesh, Mamta and Kalu Meena, three sisters aged 20 to 25, two of whom are pregnant, who also killed two of their children: a little boy less than a month old. and another 4 years old. The information collected so far points to the in-laws of the victims, since the three young women were themselves married to siblings. Their father Sardar Meena and the rest of their family are convinced that the husbands and mother-in-law of his daughters are responsible, and they have proof of this thanks to a message sent by the youngest of the sisters shortly before the tragedy. .

In the message she sent to her family, Kamlesh Meena indeed bid them farewell on behalf of herself and her sisters. “We are leaving, be happy because the reason for our death is our in-laws, it is better to die once and for all than to die a little each day. So we have decided to die together. We hope to be all three together in the next life. We don’t want to die but our in-laws are harassing us. Don’t blame our parents for our death.” An explicit accusation which notably led to the custody of the three husbands of the sisters who committed suicide as well as their mother to all three and a sister-in-law. Asked by the Times of India, the father of the young women and grandfather of the two little boys who also died said: “their husbands beat them every day, they killed my daughters”. But what is the reason for this violence?

More than 8,000 women die every year because of dowry

Dowry. Although the practice of dowry was made illegal in India in 1961, it remains very widespread because of the importance of traditions for the inhabitants of the country. Kamlesh, Mamta and Kalu Meena were thus killed because their in-laws kept trying to extract more money or goods from them for their dowry. This custom, now prohibited by law, is still the cause of thousands of murders and suicides in India every year. Indeed, the dowry system procured by the bride’s family has become a means for the husband and his family to extract money from the other family, often by resorting to physical violence, torture and harassment against the wife. According to a recent study in India, more than 8,000 women die each year, killed or driven to suicide by their in-laws because of dowry.

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