Lady Diana is a public figure who made an impression. Twenty-five years after her death, secrets and revelations about the princess continue to emerge. Christopher Andersen unveiled a new book, titled The King: The Life of Charles III, on Tuesday, November 8. In it, the journalist mentioned the divorce of King Charles and Lady Diana, assuring that, subsequently, the young woman had to face a very intrusive suitor. This is Donald Trump, the former President of the United States. At the time, he was just a famous real estate tycoon and he had, on a radio show, claimed that he could have “made Lady Diana if I had wanted, provided that ‘She is taking an HIV test,’ we read first. A few years later, Donald Trump made similar comments. “Would you have slept with her?” Asked the same host. What the principal concerned had immediately replied: “Without any hesitation”. In 2016, while he was in the middle of the presidential campaign, the former president was questioned about this assertion. He then denied everything. “It’s all fake. I liked him. I only met him once in New York, we shook hands and that’s the only time we saw each other,” he said. before adding: “I read this story that I flirted with him or something like that but it’s so wrong”. Contradictory revelations.

Was Donald Trump ultimately not interested in Lady Diana? During this interview, Melania Trump’s husband assured that he had “no romantic interest” with the Princess of Wales. In 1997, in his book The Art of the Comeback, he made different comments. “As far as women are concerned, I have only one regret, that of never having had the opportunity to woo Lady Diana Spencer,” he said. This very heavy dredger had gone up to the ears of the principal concerned. During a dinner with Selina Scott, a British journalist, Lady Diana returned to the comments made by Donald Trump. She would have assured to be very embarrassed, saying that she did not know how to react. “He bombarded Diana at Kensington Palace with huge bouquets of flowers, each worth hundreds of pounds,” Selina Scott revealed in the columns of The Sunday Times. According to him, the former American president was very insitant and he saw Lady Diana as the “ultimate trophy wife”. A situation that had greatly disturbed the main concerned and she had turned to the journalist for some advice. “I told him to just throw the flowers in the trash,” she recalled.

Lady Diana: when did she divorce Prince Charles?

It was in 1981 that Lady Diana married Prince Charles, then heir to the British throne. Both have two children, Prince William in 1982 and Prince Harry in 1984. Much appreciated, the Princess of Wales is gaining popularity and becoming a global figure in the humanitarian cause. Their relationship was not easy since their marriage was not what they wanted. Prince Charles was in love with Camilla Shand, his future wife and he did not hesitate to have it publicly. During an interview, when the journalist asked him if he loved Lady Diana, he simply said: “It all depends on what you call being in love”. A phrase that has never been forgotten and which appears in the annals. A few years later, it was the princess who assured: “We were three in this marriage”, referring to Camilla Parker Bowles. The couple separated in 1992 and their divorce was officially pronounced in August 1996. Lady Diana died a year later under the Alma bridge and her death is still much talked about today.

Divorced Lady Diana: this very heavy flirt with an ex-president of the United States that she had to undergo

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