Besides for morale, can divorce be harmful to men’s health? In any case, this is what a study tends to highlight. Dementia, heart attack, risk of premature death would thus be more numerous after a separation.

Getting a divorce and then living alone for seven years or more bored with men? One study found that men who remained single were more prone to health problems. The cause: a higher inflammatory level in their body. A biological stress response and a real danger for middle-aged men.

It is the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health that publishes in its pages, a study of more than 4,800 people aged 48 to 62 years. All are divorced and spent several years living alone between 1986 and 2011. And the results are surprising.

An entourage that makes all the difference

In this study, men and women were followed at length. On the women’s side, the finding is clear. Those who have had multiple ruptures or have lived alone for a long time did not experience any internal inflammation. Scientists believe this could be explained by the presence of a larger group of friends. Women are thus better surrounded, would obtain a higher emotional support than men and this support would greatly contribute to the reduction of stress. In men, on the other hand, we observe a certain carelessness in the way of life after a divorce and a recourse to medication. A blood test found a 17% higher level of chemicals in them than in those who were in a stable relationship. “Evidence shows that men tend to depend more on their female partners than the reverse,” said Professor Rikke Lund of the University of Copenhagen, lead author of the study.

A change in behavior

“There is also some evidence that men living alone may not take care of themselves and are more reluctant to see a doctor for medical problems” he continued “This could explain the increased levels of inflammation at home after several ruptures and years of living alone ”. While divorce is a life-changing event, it can cause men to externalize the event with behaviors such as excessive alcohol consumption or medication. Life changes that lead to poor health and the risk of serious conditions such as cancer and hardening of the arteries, increasing strokes, heart attacks and death. “It can help to have people to talk to about their feelings, to have someone to help them move out and we know that makes a real difference,” the professor concluded. A vital difference.


Divorce the astonishing results of a study on men's health
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