Divorce, cancer, mourning …: the two nightmarish years of Boris Johnson’s ex-wife

The past two years have been a “trauma” for Marina Wheeler. Very discreet about her private life, the ex-wife of Boris Johnson has confided like never before about these last years which have been extremely difficult for her, because of the many hard knocks she has had to face. Starting with his separation from the British Prime Minister in 2018, after the exposure to the public of his infidelities, and more particularly his romance with Carrie Symonds, his current fiancée. “There is no escaping the fact that the past two years have been very traumatic and difficult,” she told Good Morning Britain, before listing these tragedies.

If she obviously mentioned her separation from Boris Johnson whom she married in 1993 and from whom she had four children, and whose divorce was not pronounced until last February after they managed to find a financial agreement , Marina Wheeler also had to deal with illness. In 2019, he was indeed diagnosed with cervical cancer. An illness for which she had to undergo no less than three surgeries, the last of which gave her the feeling of being “inflated like a balloon”, reports the Daily Mail. “Other people are going through these things, but everything that happens in such a short time is a big challenge,” she explained.

A “pivotal moment” in the life of Marina Wheeler

Now in remission, the 56-year-old lawyer also revealed that last February, in addition to seeing her divorce pronounced, she had to face the death of her mother from bowel cancer. And as she publishes her new book, The Last Homestead, Marina Wheeler said she sees the past painful years as a “pivotal moment” in her life. “My long marriage has ended, my last two children are in college, my parents are no longer here … I have taken time off from legal work and I feel I am free to choose how I spend my time in a way I haven’t experienced in decades, ”she explained. One way for her to put things into perspective after these long battles.

Boris Johnson and Marina Wheeler © EXPRESS SYNDICATION

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