It is in Haute-Garonne, near Saint-Gaudens, that this unusual story takes place. Indeed, Brice, a 30-year-old farm worker, has been missing since February 20. A strange disappearance full of strange coincidences since Brice had a relationship with his boss, a married woman. Only, the lovers were surprised in bed, in the house of the woman, by the son of the latter. Since this incident, no trace of Brice. His parents are worried and willingly confided in the microphone of RTL.

Brice’s parents claim that it is impossible that Brice left of his own free will. They also rule out the possibility of suicide. “Leaving without his papers, without his credit card, no, it’s not something possible. He always had a smile, he had a lot of humor, he was happy to live for us”, confides his mother.

Desperate measures were taken

Faced with the disappearance of Brice, numerous measures have been taken by the authorities. Including beatings and calls for witnesses which have yielded nothing so far. In any case, no track is ruled out, especially on the farm where the 30-year-old man was last seen.

So far, a huge grave has already been excavated in order to discover a possible corpse. Traces of blood in a car were also discovered and are being analyzed. It is the car of the son of de Brice’s lover. “We pray every day for him to come back,” said Brice’s father.

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