Bustle at Mickey’s. On July 29, Scarlett Johansson revealed, via the American site The Hollywood Reporter, to have lodged a complaint against Disney. At the origin of this dispute, the strategy employed by Disney during the release of the film Black Widow, in theaters since June 23. The American actress would blame the firm for having “taken advantage” of the health situation to release the film from Marvel studios both in the cinema and on the Disney + platform, in order to develop its streaming service. This multiplatform release would have deprived Scarlett Johansson of several million dollars of commissions, she who had signed a contract including a profit clause on the receipts of Black Widow in the cinema.

According to the complaint filed by the actress, the actions of Disney would have “not only increased the value of Disney +, but would have saved Marvel (and by extension Disney) what Marvel calls ‘very big box office bonuses’, which should have been paid to Johansson if the film had only been released in theaters. ” For their part, the Disney studios have defended themselves from the accusations made by the interpreter of the Black Widow. This lawsuit is particularly sad and disturbing in its contempt for the terrible and lasting effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Disney has fully honored its contract with Madame Johansson, and the release of ‘Black Widow’ on Disney + with Premier Access has considerably improved her chances of receiving compensation in addition to the $ 20 million she has received to date, ”said a spokesperson for the big-eared firm.

New complaints signed Emma Stone and Emily Blunt?

Unfortunately for Disney, Scarlett Johansson has no plans to reverse her decision. Worse, she could soon serve as an example for other actresses, whose films have been the subject of the same exit strategy as Black Widow. According to Matt Belloni, of the Hollywood Reporter, Emma Stone, whose film Cruella was released on June 23, and Emily Blunt, to the poster of Jungle Cruise since July 28, are also considering attacking their employer. The star of La La Land would in any case “weighing its options”, revealed Matt Belloni in his newsletter called “What I’m Hearing”. For now, the two actresses have nevertheless made no decision.

Emma Stone © Action Press

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