It is a terrifying scene that took place at the Buttes-Chaumont. A few days ago, city officials discovered parts of a woman’s dismembered body. An investigation was then opened and the name and face of the victim are finally known. This is Assia, a 46-year-old mother. Formally identified by the investigators of the criminal brigade thanks to her fingerprints, this woman was the subject of a report from her husband. Indeed, on February 6, her husband told the police that his wife had not returned. “Her husband explains that this mother of several children had disappeared suddenly and for no apparent reason”.

The dismembered body in the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont is indeed that of Assia, a 46-year-old mother who disappeared in Montreuil in early February➡️

– The Parisian (@le_Parisien) February 15, 2023

On social networks too, a search notice had been published. You could see a photo of Assia, medium-length hair, who, at the time of her disappearance, was wearing a black coat with fur and a black cap with rhinestones. Terrible news for this family who was not known to the police. “Nothing in the life of this couple or their environment allows them to be associated with any criminal activity,” confirms a source close to the case.

An autopsy performed

On Wednesday February 15, an autopsy of his body was carried out by the medico-legal institute of Paris. For the moment, the causes of the death of this woman are still not known. The exact date of his death has not been disclosed. Yet this information is valuable to investigators researching the park’s video surveillance cameras. As for the identity of the person at the origin of his death, for the moment the investigators are groping and all the tracks are explored.

Dismembered woman in Buttes-Chaumont: the name and face of the victim revealed

Buttes-Chaumont © Pexels

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