Disappointing partner, painful act, lack of pleasure, bad conditions… If some women keep a good memory of the loss of their virginity, for others, the conditions were not met to derive the slightest satisfaction from it.

Impossible, however, to go back in order to relive this moment more favorably. Júlia Medeiros, 22, has nevertheless found a solution: to have her hymen reconstructed thanks to surgery.


The front page of the newspapers, Júlia Medeiros had already made it for her resemblance to Kylie Jenner. But it is for a completely different reason that she is once again talking about her. At 22, the young woman chose to endure a surgical procedure costing more than 10,000 euros in order to have her hymen reconstructed. “I was a 17-year-old teenager when I lost my virginity to a 30-year-old man,” she said in the columns of the New York Post. An experience she regrets and wanted to relive more pleasantly.

A broken tale

“Like many women, I was deceived. I was promised marriage and children like in fairy tales,” she continued. “Obviously once he got what he wanted, he didn’t keep any promises,” she added. Hurt by the behavior of her partner, Júlia wants to erase this bad memory by reliving for the first time.

An increase in requests

Labiaplasty involves removing a thin layer of tissue from the vaginal wall to reconstruct the membrane partially covering the opening of the vagina. A rare operation but which is meeting more and more followers. Chief surgeon at Signature clinics in the UK, Dr John Skevofilax said requests for hymen reconstruction had doubled in just one year.

Waiting for “the good”

Since this operation, Júlia admits, she has become more comfortable with her body, stopping to wear underwear and seeing her libido increase. However, she confides that she has not yet lost her virginity. “I always wanted to have that special moment. I want it to be unique and romantic like in fairy tales,” she explained. From now on, she is waiting for “someone special” to live, a second time, this great moment.

Disappointed with her first time, she spends thousands of euros to regain her virginity


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