On November 30, 2017, Christophe Orzaz must bring his daughter Célia to the station. But no one will have any news of this father and his daughter. The investigation is then launched: the gendarmes will discover that the father made a detour through the town of Mirepoix. Three days after their disappearance, a hunter comes across a burnt-out car. It happens to be that of Christophe Orzaz. If a car accident could have been considered by the gendarmes, this time, it is the criminal track which is privileged.

The investigators will then discover that Christophe Orsaz has a relationship with Marie-José Montesinos. It is she and her new companion who will premeditate and commit these horrible crimes. “Célia, it was the part of the plan that was not planned, explains Maître Arnaud Levy Soussan, lawyer for the civil parties, at the microphone of L’heure du Crime. This young girl was in the car and she attended the aggression from his father. A terrible scene for this young woman.

Beaten to death in front of his daughter

The two murderers will then wonder what they were going to do with the young woman. “Then there is a discussion between the two protagonists to find out what they were going to do with Célia”, continues Mr Levy Soussan. Her father will be beaten to death in front of his daughter. His body will be thrown into the septic tank of an abandoned farmhouse. Célia will be killed with a gunshot then buried in the forest of the Picaussel massif, between Aude and Ariège. The bodies will be found only 6 months later. A dark criminal case that will have destroyed an entire family.

Disappeared from Mirepoix: this abominable scene which Célia witnessed before dying

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