An unexplained disappearance. Since July 28, 2013, Robert Hoagland, 50 years old at the time, had given no sign of life. He was last seen alive in CCTV footage of a gas station in Newtown, Connecticut. That day, he was to pick up his wife at JFK airport in New York. But he never went there. Worried, his wife then contacted the police the next day. An investigation was then opened to try to find his trace. But since this disappearance, there was nothing to prove that he was still alive, according to The Sun.

As reported by the News Times, Robert Hoagland had left leaving behind his wallet, his mobile phone, and his medication. The police had nevertheless found that he had used his bank card the day of his disappearance, but had never used it again.

Robert Hoagland would have met “shady men”

On several occasions, the police thought they had found Robert Hoagland, before finally finding that they had taken the wrong road. A few years ago, this affair had received media interest after the broadcast of a documentary on Robert Hoagland and his family, in which his son said in particular that the man would have met “shady men” who would have stolen the computers of his whole family. A new track that he could not be verified by the investigators.

But this Monday, December 5 new twist. That day, the police were called to a house in Rock Hill, New York. Arrived on the spot, they discovered the body of Robert Hoagland, reports the police of Newtown. But by checking his identity papers, the investigators discovered that some of them were in his name, while others were in the name of Richard King. They then realized that it was almost impossible for them to find him because he had changed state and identity. An autopsy must determine the circumstances of his death, even if, for the moment, nothing suggests that it could be a criminal act.

Disappeared for nine years, he is found dead... under another identity

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