Last Saturday, young Yuri took his father shopping in the streets of Nantes to prepare for his new job in the restaurant industry. The young man, dressed all in black, finished the day at the bowling alley, where his father had dropped him off, before going to the La Provence bar, according to his sister Olivia in an interview with the RMC Crime show team. The evening would then have continued in the company of the bar team, with whom his brother had sympathized, at the CO2 discotheque. Yuri then gave no further signs of life. At least after rushing out of the club…

It was 4 a.m. when the nightclub’s incident alarm went off. Yuri would have disappeared after leaving the establishment, according to several concordant testimonies. His relatives are worried today especially since the street where the nightclub is located runs along the Loire, which raises fears of the worst. “Two fatal accidents have already taken place there, we do not understand why it is not better protected”, recalls Olivia. The next day, she went to the scene with her other sisters to try to trace Yuri. One of them, Victoria, ended up finding her mobile phone, her credit card and her watch by the river before rushing to the police station to report the disappearance.

What really happened to Yuri?

In the absence of video surveillance on the street, a river brigade took charge of probing the Loire. “They could only stay on the banks of the river, because the Loire is too dangerous, as they told us”, explains Olivia. Youri’s down jacket found in the river, near the edge, with his identity papers, however, leaves us to fear the worst. Did the young man commit suicide? Impossible according to his relatives who recall that he had planned a meal with his father the next day. The investigation is therefore continuing to gather more clues. Olivia insists: “We want to know what happened,” says Olivia. She and her sisters have launched an appeal for witnesses.

Disappearance of Yuri in Nantes: this unforeseen event in the nightclub that could have changed everything

Disappearance of Yuri © DR

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