It is a disappearance that had been massively relayed on social networks. On Wednesday, December 28, Noé Chardron, a 21-year-old young man, wrote a disturbing message to his sister, in which he asked her to take care of his cat. This is the last sign of life he will give to his loved ones. Very worried, his family goes to his apartment in Rouen (Seine-Maritime) and finds a farewell letter. In it, the young man “explicitly explains that he wants to end it”reported his father.

If he had never expressed suicidal intentions before his disappearance, Noé Chardron left with only his wallet and his telephone. Desperate by the situation, his father had tried to get in touch with him a few days after his disappearance. “Noah, maybe you have chosen to change your life. We understand you. Just give us a sign of life through someone you trust, or by any other means” he had writing.

The body of Noé Chardron was found in the Seine

After the disappearance of Noé Chardron, a search notice had been shared on social networks and great solidarity had been put in place to try to find him. At the beginning of the year, a search had been organized in Rouen by one of her friends and a worrying investigation for disappearance had been opened by the authorities.

Unfortunately, his loved ones faced a terrible outcome, less than a month after his disappearance. Indeed, on Monday January 23, the lifeless body of Noé Chardron was found in the Seine, at midday. According to 76actu, he was at Quai Jean-de-Béthencourt in Rouen, and his papers were found on him. The investigation must now determine what really happened.

Disappearance of Noé Chardron: tragic outcome for the family of the young man who has not been found for a month

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