Did Christian Brueckner kidnap and kill little Maddie McCann in the spring of 2007? For nearly two years, the German police have been investigating to determine the degree of involvement of Brueckner, a repetitive pedophile in his forties, in the disappearance of the little British girl. But as the investigation drags on, the prime suspect could be charged in a whole different case. According to the Daily Mirror, Christian Brueckner is suspected of the rape of Hazel Behan, an Irish waitress who lived in the Algarve in the course of 2004. Aged 20 at the time, the young woman accuses the German criminal of l ‘having sexually assaulted.

Also according to the Mirror, the German investigators are preparing to leave for Portugal in order to “re-interview” certain possible witnesses and close to the accused. “They warned me that they were coming and wanted to talk to me again,” says one of them. “I have the impression that they are ticking boxes, as if the investigation was coming to an end. I hope that means Christian is going to be charged for what happened to Madeleine, but who knows? ” Note that Christian Brueckner is already serving a 7-year prison sentence for the rape of a 72-year-old American in 2005, in the Algarve. He is currently incarcerated in a German prison.

“We are sure we have the man who kidnapped and killed your daughter”

While Brueckner has still not been charged with the murder of little McCann, the German police say they have enough evidence to attribute the crime to him. “We are sure we have the man who kidnapped and killed your daughter,” German prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters told Maddie’s parents in 2020. All I can do is ask you to be patients. ” Meanwhile, in the UK, Scotland Yard clings to the idea that the girl may be alive and continues to investigate her disappearance.

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