On October 5, little Quinton Simon disappeared in the United States. Sadly, the police announced the death of the little boy: “We are saddened to say that the local police and the FBI have informed the family of Quinton Simon that we believe that he is deceased”. Investigators now suspect the boy’s mother, who raised the alarm three hours after the 20-month-old child was seen alive at home. Quinton Simon lived with his mother, his partner, his grandparents and another child. According to the documents revealed by CNN, it is his grandparents who have custody of him.

When calling for help, the boy’s mother said her son was likely abducted. But now, according to the investigation, the latter would have sent a strange text message, asking her son’s babysitter not to come. The revelations go further: the boy’s grandmother would have even launched a procedure, at the beginning of September, in order to have her daughter and her companion expelled from her home: “She did not always do the right thing”, said she said of her daughter: “Sometimes she does really well, sometimes she doesn’t… I don’t know if I can trust her – I don’t. I just know that I I’m in pain and I want this baby home. This is my baby.”

The biological father exonerated

The police are therefore investigating the boy’s mother: “His mother, Leilani Simon, is to this day the main suspect in the disappearance and death of Quinton”. On the side of the biological father, this one would be innocent. “We understand that people far beyond Chatham County have become emotionally invested in this incident and the search for Quinton and they want answers, authorities said.”

Disappearance of little Quinton Simon: this curious text message that directs all suspicion to his mother

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