Disappeared on October 5 in the state of Georgia in the United States, the body of Quinton Simon has still not been found. Nevertheless, the police have already told the child’s parents that they believe their son is dead. Presumed deceased, the body of the little boy could have been abandoned in a dumpster. If no one has been charged, the child’s mother is the main suspect: “We are not ready to indict anyone, we still have work to do. We are not just looking at random in this landfill” said Chatham County Police Chief Jeff Hadley.

If she called the emergency services to report the disappearance of her child, Quinton Simon’s mother would have sent a strange SMS a few hours after calling the emergency services. She has indeed asked her babysitter not to come and babysit the boy. The revelations go further: the boy’s grandmother would have even launched a procedure, at the beginning of September, in order to have her daughter and her companion expelled from her home: “She did not always do the right thing”, said she said of her daughter: “Sometimes she does really well, sometimes she doesn’t… I don’t know if I can trust her – I don’t. I just know that I I’m in pain and I want this baby home. This is my baby.”

The mother in the crosshairs of the police

Disturbing elements that could undermine the defense of the boy’s mother. “His mother, Leilani Simon, is the prime suspect in Quinton’s disappearance and death to this day.” On the side of the biological father, this one would be innocent. “We understand that people far beyond Chatham County have become emotionally invested in this incident and the search for Quinton and they want answers, authorities said.”

Disappearance of little Quinton Simon: new shocking elements revealed by the police

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