Tragic outcome in the case of this disappearance in the United States: Quinton Simon was reported missing at the beginning of October in the State of Georgia in the United States and if all the signals showed that the mother was involved, the investigators had not managed to determine it with certainty. It is now done.

The child’s body was found in a landfill

Abandoned in a landfill: this is how the little boy ended his very short life. This is what investigators revealed on Tuesday, November 20. Quinton Simon’s mother, 22-year-old Leilani Simon, had told police she believed he had been abducted by his biological father but was ultimately arrested today for the child’s murder. “This is a heartbreaking development for everyone who loved Quinton. For the many people who knew him after his disappearance and for our department. When we first received the call that Quinton was missing, we hoped find him alive and unharmed, but as we’ve been telling you for weeks, all of our evidence points to his mother being responsible for his death,” Chatham County Police Department Officer Jeffrey Hadley said at a press conference.

As revealed by our colleagues from Paris Match, Quinton Simon lived with his mother, her boyfriend, her maternal grandparents and another child. According to CNN, Quinton’s grandparents had custody of him, along with his three-year-old brother, just before their grandfather died in a horrific car accident last month. Billie Jo Howell, Quinton’s grandmother would however have launched a procedure at the beginning of September to have her daughter and her boyfriend expelled. She now finds herself without her husband and grandson and with a daughter behind bars.

Disappearance of little Quinton: final heartbreaking twist in this extraordinary case

Disappearance of little Quinton © Illustration photo

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