For many weeks, the relatives of Leslie and Kevin have been anxiously awaiting a sign from the couple or from the investigators. Unfortunately, there are no new clues to advance the search. Our colleagues from Parisian have tried to trace the least of the actions of the couple. They return in particular to the discovery of personal effects belonging to the couple. “To complete what could look like a macabre treasure hunt, two sweatshirts, a wallet, a road safety patent in Kevin’s name and two shotgun shells are also discovered.” On the other hand, the journalists of Le Parisien return to the potential presence of vials. For them, this discovery is not one. “No trace, however, of money or vials filled with drugs, contrary to a rumor that has circulated in recent weeks.”

Regarding the various tracks mentioned, Kevin’s father thinks of a kidnapping. He even offers to pay the kidnappers. “A large ransom will be given if you return my son to me. I move heaven and earth in vain.” He also gives a version which for him would be that of the kidnapping of the couple. For him, the two young people would have been kidnapped by “Guyanese”. And if the clues found do not bode well, all the couple’s relatives hope to find them alive.

Leslie and Kevin missing in Deux-Sèvres: their relatives keep hope

Leslie’s family does not lose hope. In the columns of Le Parisien, his mother-in-law, Emilie Cardré, said: “We must be ready when Leslie returns.” For her father, his 22-year-old daughter “could not disappear voluntarily”. “She may be kidnapped, held against her will, collateral victim of a situation that completely escapes her …” For the time being, no arrest or major progress has been made. The investigation is still ongoing.

Disappearance of Leslie and Kevin: this very disturbing discovery that was not one

Disappearance of Leslie and Kevin © DR

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