News in the case of the disappearance of Kevin and Leslie. The couple has not given a life since the night of November 25 to 26. A second suspect was arrested and placed in police custody on Wednesday, reveals Le Parisien. The first was heard on Tuesday morning.

The daily reports that Tom T. had been arrested in Vendée. The individual is 22 years old. This friend of the couple had been heard in the premises of the Niort gendarmerie brigade and must be transferred to Poitiers, in Charente, by this Thursday morning. He should then be brought before the investigating judge in charge of the judicial investigation opened for “arrest, kidnapping, detention or kidnapping”. What is he at risk? An indictment and a potential placement in pre-trial detention.

The love trail or traffic gone wrong?

Leslie Hoorelbeke, 22, Kévin Trompat, 21, and their dog were last seen at a party with friends near Niort (Deux-Sèvres). A call for witnesses was launched on December 7 after the discovery of the young man’s identity papers. The investigators are interested in the profile of Tom T. whose version of the facts delivered about his evening of November 25 is unclear, certain elements not matching. He is one of the last people to have seen Leslie and Kévin and it is also at his home in Prahecq that the couple was hosted this famous evening. “I’m vomiting blood,” the girl had texted him.

The investigators explore the track of a young man jealous of the relationship of Leslie, with whom he had lived a short idyll, with Kévin, but remains doubtful as to his ability to get rid of the couple and his dog. It was through Tom T. that Leslie Hoorelbeke had known Kévin Trompat. The other track is that of a dispute during their drug deal, to which the two men devoted themselves together. According to the gendarmes, that famous night, Kevin had appointments to sell narcotics.

Disappearance of Leslie and Kevin: the investigation is accelerating, the mystery soon solved?

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