What happened to Leslie and Kevin, missing since the night of November 25 to 26, 2023? While the investigation seemed to be stalling, it has greatly accelerated in recent days. Indeed, a first suspect was arrested on Tuesday February 28, 2023 and indicted two days later. Two other people were also arrested and are still in custody. Among the latter, a certain Nathan B. He lives with his parents in a small village of 700 inhabitants, in Puyravault, very close to La Rochelle. Thursday March 2, 2023, our colleagues from Parisian interviewed the neighbors of Nathan B. Several of them assured that he had “older problems with the law”, in connection with narcotics.

“It’s not the first time that the gendarmes have come here,” said a retired couple and a man in his fifties living next door. According to a source familiar with the matter, quoted by Le Parisien, Nathan B. was indeed already known to the police “for acts of violence and possession of narcotics”. Other neighbors who agreed to testify explained that Nathan B. was “very nice, polite and uneventful”. Others, on the contrary, describe the young man as having “a complicated, impulsive temperament”.

A neighbor of Nathan B.: “He was not the last to do bullshit”

“He wasn’t the last to do some bullshit,” said another neighbor, explaining that he lived “a bit on the fringes” but occasionally worked with his father, who is a bricklayer. “It’s been better since he started working,” says another. Another neighbor, who seemed to be close to the young man’s family, expressed his sadness. “We are on the ass, it saddens me”.

Disappearance of Leslie and Kevin: "It's not the first time", these disturbing words from the neighbors of one of the suspects

Leslie and Kevin © DR

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