Their loved ones do not lose hope of finding them alive… Since Friday November 25, 2022, Leslie Hoorelbeke, and her companion, Kevin Trompat, have given no sign of life. As the investigation progresses little by little, it is in the columns of Le Parisien that Patrick, the young woman’s father, estimated: “Leslie could not disappear voluntarily, she may be kidnapped, held against her voluntarily, collateral victim of a situation that completely escapes him.” For her part, her mother-in-law, Émilie Cardré, said: “We have to be ready when Leslie comes back.” Before their disappearance, the couple had spent an evening with a driver-delivery friend in a house located in the center of Prahecq.

As the Parisian indicates, “Leslie’s phone was limited to Niort on Saturday November 26 at midday, before going out definitively.” Shortly before his disappearance, Leslie Hoorelbeke had visited Jérémy, “a thirty-year-old, separated father and employed on construction sites.” Once back home, she would have written to this one: “I’m already on Prahecq there (…) You tell me when you’re available”, before confiding to him: “I’m working tomorrow, it’s a quiet meal tonight, well for me anyway.”

Émilie Cardré: “We see our daughter more as collateral damage”

Tuesday January 24, 2023, in the columns of Closer, the father and mother-in-law of Leslie Hoorelbeke assured that they were convinced that the couple was kidnapped. “If she doesn’t give us news, it’s because she can’t give us any,” said Émilie Cardré. Believing that it could be a venal crime, she clarified: “We are not an investigator, we cannot really know, but in any case, we are almost convinced now that everything starts from this evening and the fact that there is this amount of money, it brings our ideas closer to the crime which would be rather venal. That, there is no doubt about it. Finally, she added, “Today we see our daughter more like collateral damage, actually. And that’s scary.”

Disappearance of Leslie and Kevin: "For me anyway...", these text messages that say more about the night they vanished

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