Jolissa Fuentes’ parents are hoping for answers. The young woman, only 22 years old, has been missing in California since August 7. While she had gone to a party, she never gave another sign of life. According to information from NBC News, she was last seen at a gas station in Selma. The media explains that she had just argued with friends with whom she was spending the evening and had therefore made the decision to return home. But what happened to him? Did she have a bad encounter on the way? The police quickly announced that they were treating this case as criminal since the circumstances of the young woman’s disappearance were suspicious. “Miss Fuentes is long gone. It’s not behavior like her. So we’re treating this as a criminal investigation,” police chief Rudy Alcaraz told NBC News. Subsequently, it was the father of Jolissa Fuentes who took the floor to give his point of view on this case. “We believe she is being held against her will by someone,” he said.

The disappearance of Jolissa Fuentes worries many. The young woman is described as someone “sociable and serious” by her father, who assures that it is “not like him not to give any more news”. In addition, her mother also clarifies that she “never misses work. And it’s already been four days since she was in the office”. She later confirmed her husband’s thoughts, indicating that her daughter would be held against her will. “We can’t find her. We don’t know where her car is. We have nothing. Someone is holding her back,” she confided in the columns of People. According to those close to her, Jolissa Fuentes might have wanted to clear her head and she would have gone to a rural area of ​​Selma, where there are orchards, vineyards and other farms. A place that is familiar to her since she used to go there. “If we don’t end up finding her then hopefully if anyone knows anything they can come forward because it would be nice to bring her home to her family,” said Nick Rinn, a diver, in the columns of ABC News. Will this new research provide answers?

Jolissa Fuentes: why did her parents call on divers?

The disappearance of Jolissa Fuentes is similar to that of 16-year-old Kiely Rodni, who went missing following a party in California. Adventures With Purpose, a “research scuba diving team”, had been contacted by the family of the young woman and their research bore fruit. The teenager’s vehicle was in the water, as was her body. Thus, the relatives of Jolissa Fuentes wished to call on their services in the hope of discovering the slightest clue concerning this disappearance. “When a car goes missing, it’s very alarming,” said Doug Bishop, the group’s creator, before adding: “In my experience, there is often a chance that the car is under the water, like a chance that it can always be on the side of a road somewhere”. Will Jolissa Fuentes’ vehicle be found?

Disappearance of Jolissa Fuentes: after an evening that degenerates, the 22-year-old girl no longer reappears

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