It’s a new disappearance case that sends shivers down your spine. More than a week ago, Héléna Cluyou, a 21-year-old student mysteriously disappeared after an evening at a disco. This Sunday, February 5, a suspect was arrested by the police. According to the public prosecutor of Brest, the individual is 36 years old, employed in the restoration and unknown to justice. The lawyer specifies that the man would have called his brother on Friday February 4 to announce to him “the imminent end of his life”. Worried, he goes to his brother who threatens to end his life.

He then finds him in a very bad state and will try to question him. The individual says he did “a mistake”, specifying that it was an “accident”. If he does not pronounce Héléna’s first name, he will still launch: “You just have to see what we have been talking about in Brest for at least five days”. The next day, he was taken to the police station. But his state of health does not allow him to be questioned. He will then be quickly hospitalized. But now the man has once again tried to end his life. Investigators found him with “a plastic bag over his head”. “He repeated his suicide attempt, details the prosecutor. He was placed in intensive care and his vital prognosis is engaged.”

A case “far from being elucidated”

Today, the investigators hope that the man will be able to be saved by the doctors. For their part, the investigation continues. They found the suspect’s vehicle “burned” without the presence of a body inside. “Concerning the accident, it is a hypothesis, but we are not sure,” insisted the prosecutor. According to him, this case is “far from being elucidated”.

Disappearance of Héléna Cluyou: the police finally have a suspect, his vital prognosis is engaged

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