Diego Maradona: why he wanted to send his daughter to prison

On November 25, 2020, Diego Maradona passed away. The 60-year-old footballer, victim of cardiac arrest, has left behind eight children. Including Dalma, 33 years old and now an actress, as well as Giannina, 31 years old, born from her relationship with Claudia Villafane, his wife from 1984 to 2003. Between the quartet, relations have not always been simple. In 2015, the athlete found his ex-wife – who then managed his heritage – in court: he accused him of having stolen $ 6 million from him.

At the time, Dalma Maradona quickly stood up for her mother. “I am the first to say that my mother is the most honest person in the world, I would put my hand in the fire,” she said at the microphone of the radio La once diez. Then she pointed the finger at her father’s entourage who, according to her, did not have a good influence on him: “You have to see who is on the other side. It seems to me that my father is very badly advised and poorly surrounded “.

A little later, he had once again accused his ex-wife of fraud. But this time around, he also accused his two daughters of stealing money from him. Almost $ 5 million. He criticized the latter for having transferred money, which had been stolen from him, to a bank account available at a bank in Uruguay. A country where his daughter Giannina would have gone, as reported at the time by the Daily Mail.

Diego Maradona wanted to send his eldest daughter to prison

During the investigation, Diego Maradona’s lawyer asked for the latter to be arrested. “Does it seem logical to you that one of Diego Maradona’s daughters is traveling in the middle of a trial? In the midst of an investigation, Giannina Maradona leaves for Uruguay. August 31. In your opinion, it was for sightseeing? Unless it was to hide money in a bank account over there. When someone tries to influence a judgment, or extorts money, we must apply a sentence of pre-trial detention, “he said.

The main concerned as for her, had not been intimidated. On Twitter, she said she had “forgiven” her father “for much worse things”. “So I will continue to forgive him. I send him all my love, and thank him for allowing me to choose the person I wanted to be,” she concluded. Giannina Maradona has not finished her days in prison and could inherit part of her father’s fortune.

Giannina Maradona © GTRES

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