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Diego Maradona: insults, anger … his terrible behavior towards his caregivers before his death

Barely buried, Diego Maradona continues to make headlines. Since the start of his career, the Argentinian footballer has often made the headlines, both for his footballing exploits which have earned him the nickname “Pibe de Oro”, but also for his escapades and scandals, between drugs and lead fizzes in public. Outbursts of anger that also marked the end of his life, he who last November 3 was operated for a subdural hematoma by Dr. Leopoldo Luque, now accused of manslaughter and negligence by the family of Diego Maradona while that he was responsible for his convalescence.

At a press conference, however, the professional defended himself for neglecting the footballer, who according to him “decided everything” and on whom “nothing could be imposed”. Leopoldo Luque also describes a Diego Maradona who “spent his time insulting him, chasing him away, then catching him on the steps to hug him”, reports Paris Match, on newsstands Thursday, December 3, and to remember that on November 19 last, he and the football star had a “severe shock”, during which he “pushed it pretty hard”. “It was common for this very particular patient to abuse his caregivers, get angry and then apologize”, report our colleagues.

An investigation against the ambulance attendants

Reclusive in his rental home in Tigre, a few minutes from his two daughters Dalma and Giannina, Diego Maradona was followed by several health professionals, including two nurses, a kinesiologist, a psychiatrist and a psychologist. An entourage pointed out, while the player’s lawyer decided to open an investigation. In a press release, Matias Morla denounced “the criminal idiocy” of the help which he said came too late to try to save Diego Maradona, who according to the autopsy report was the victim of “pulmonary edema”. “It is inexplicable that for twelve hours my friend was not the object of any attention or of any control on the part of the health personnel”, thus stated the lawyer, and to stress that “the ambulance took over half an hour to arrive, “when in reality it took only 10 minutes.

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