Words that caused a lot of reaction … Asked by Provence this week, Valérie Pécresse said, using an expression used by Nicolas Sarkozy when he was Minister of the Interior: “I am going to bring the Kärcher out of the cellar. It’s been ten years and it’s time to use it. It’s about getting the streets back in order. ” Guest of On is live, it is against Laurent Ruquier and Léa Salamé that she explained: “The goal was above all that the democratic debate to which the French are entitled not to be obscured by all this media noise around the words of the President of the Republic, who obviously wants to hide this electoral campaign, wants us to talk only about the health crisis and especially not about security, especially not about the daily problems that the French are experiencing. “

Laurent Ruquier then asked the right-wing candidate: “Did you not use this sentence to appeal to Nicolas Sarkozy, who seems very silent on your candidacy?” To which the latter replied: “No, I spoke about the Kärcher again, because I feel accountable for all the promises that the right has made and that we must now keep: to bring back security everywhere and for all in the countries; put an end to these lawless areas, in which like in Cavaillon where I was on Thursday, where young dealers at 12-13 years old start at 100 euros per day by watching out for them, and then several thousand euros a day, then they don’t go to work because in the end you earn a lot more a living like that, and then they end up in gangs who shoot each other with Kalashnikovs … It’s this drift that I want to put an end to, and we haven’t tried everything against insecurity. “

“I came with another lethal weapon: an emergency plan to save the justice of our country! »@LENOISEUR calls out @vpecresse on the Kärcher controversy in #OEED ⬇️ pic.twitter.com/Lysi3oxoId

– On Est En Direct (@ OnEstEnDirectF2) January 8, 2022

Valérie Pécresse: “There was a very strong expectation that was made to the right to restore security and order”

Guest on the show, Le Noiseur challenged Valérie Pécresse by asking her: “I was wondering if you had come with your Kärcher?” Faced with the singer, the right-wing candidate replied: “No, I came with another fatal weapon: an emergency plan to save the justice of our country, and then the will also that in ten years, there will be no to have more ghetto neighborhoods in France and that we have rebuilt them, that we have put social diversity into them, that we have made it successful and that we have put security there. ” Le Noiseur relaunched it by adding: “Le Kärcher, I think it had already been violent with Nicolas Sarkozy, I find it a shame to bring it out again.” To conclude this exchange, Valérie Pécresse added: “Well you see, you are different from Léa Salamé who she thinks you have to turn up the volume when we do politics. On the Kärcher, there was a very strong expectation which was made to the right to restore security and order, and I this expectation, I want to respond to it, and that is my message. “

Laurent Ruquier © France 2

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