Vladimir Putin carefully cultivates secrecy around his family. The race for the Covid-19 vaccine forced him to break his silence on the subject. During a televised intervention in August 2020, the Russian leader claimed to have subjected one of his daughters to the test for the Russian vaccine dubbed Sputnik V, joining the 75 other anonymous guinea pigs of the program. Information is worth its weight in peanuts. Putin’s “sacrifice” evokes that of Empress Catherine II who, in the 18th century, had one of her sons inoculated with smallpox to set an example.

Vladimir Putin offered us the strange account of his ghost daughter on Russian television two years ago: “One of my daughters was vaccinated, I think that in this sense she participated in the experiment. She had a small bout of fever at 38° on the first day, then 37° on the second. And that’s all. After the second injection, the second vaccination, the temperature also rose a little, then fell completely. Now she feels great, and the results are great. Who is this mysterious girl? Mary? Ekaterina? Ghosts who have never spoken on the subject…

Vladimir Putin’s Mysterious Ghost Daughter

We can not talk about the mysterious ghost girl of Vladimir Putin without mentioning the sentimental life of the head of state. The Russian president met Lioudmila Chkrebneva when she was an Aeroflot flight attendant. After their marriage in 1983, Vladimir and Lioudmila welcomed a little Maria in April 1985. The young mother quits her job and takes language lessons at university, while her husband takes his first steps in the KGB. From Leningrad, the couple then moved to Dresden where Ekaterina was born in 1986. Later, Lioudmila spoke very briefly about Putin in his duties as a father: “Not all parents love their children like him. He always spoiled them a lot and I was the one who had to punish them. Putin hastens to hide his family life by acceding to the highest office. Maria and Ekaterina will continue their studies out of sight in the family dacha. Lioudmila, she disappears from the media until the divorce of the couple in 2013. The mystery still hangs…

Vladimir Putin © ITAR TASS / BESTIMAGE

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