Laeticia Hallyday is very often talked about. The slightest deeds and gestures of the widow of Johnny Hallyday are analyzed by Internet users, who do not hesitate to give their opinion. This Thursday, June 30, she shared a publication on her Instagram account on which we could see her in the company of Hélène Darroze, her longtime friend. Indeed, both went to the Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping, a sports competition which took place from June 24 to 26, 2022. During it, the best riders and horses in the world competed in the heart of the Parisian capital. A snapshot that did not go unnoticed and, in the comments of it, Internet users were not kind to Laeticia Hallyday. The reason ? His teeth that challenged them. “These new veneers aren’t very pretty…sorry,” one wrote. Another also featured the face of the rocker’s widow. “It’s already too blatant, too smooth, an American smile and already not the same face anymore. We have to stop with that. It looks like wax,” he said. Did Laeticia Hallyday succumb to cosmetic surgery?

The criticisms of which she has been the subject, the widow of Johnny Hallyday has so far not wished to respond. In the comments, Internet users do not go there with dead hands and chain the messages in which they give an opinion that is not always very tender. “New teeth, aesthetic medicine: be careful! We are starting to no longer recognize you”, assured a user. “Honestly, I had a hard time recognizing her at the time,” said another. “Veneers too white and too forward, what a waste! We do not congratulate the dental surgeon”, declared a last. Laeticia Hallyday has found a smile and it is not a few derogatory comments that will bother her. As a reminder, she had been hospitalized in emergency last March. The companion of Jalil Lespert was admitted to intensive care at the American hospital in Neuilly for hypokalemia, a decrease in the level of potassium which causes very great fatigue. A hard blow for her who recovered.

Laeticia Hallyday: what moving tribute did she recently pay?

On December 6, 2017, it was in a press release that the death of Johnny Hallyday was announced. “Johnny was an extraordinary man. He will remain so thanks to you. Above all, don’t forget it. He is and will remain with us forever. My love, I love you so much,” said his wife. Time passes but Laeticia Hallyday does not forget it. On June 15, she went to the forecourt of the AccorHotels Arena room where a statue tribute to Johnny Hallyday was inaugurated a few months ago. She was accompanied by Joy and Jade, her two daughters for this special occasion and wanted to share it on her Instagram account. “It’s not a day like any other, it never has been. How many memories, parties, music and love on June 15 to celebrate you. Tears mingled with joy today in a pure sky, a star will shine more than the others in the firmament”, she had first written before adding: “Happy Birthday. I love you forever”. A very moving tribute.

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