He has been missing for almost 30 years. This Friday evening, Arte will pay tribute to Freddie Mercury and his extraordinary destiny. Fate inseparable from that of a woman who accompanied the singer throughout his life, Mary Austin. From the birth of their romance in a London boutique in 1969 to the artist’s death in 1991, Freddie Mercury and Mary Austin – though unmarried – have been linked for better and for worse. She was 19 when she met the one who would become her best friend. Coming from the working class, she worked in a small clothing store named Biba when her gaze fell on “a wild-looking musician”, 24 years old at the time. “He was unlike any person I had met before,” Mary Austin told The Daily Mail in 2013. A few months later, the couple moved in together, just before Queen began to be successful. In 1973, Freddie Mercury asked her more or less in marriage. Understand by this that he offers her at Christmas a box containing a ring with a jade stone. “I was in shock. I just did not expect it,” recalls Mary Austin in the columns of the Daily Mail. “I just whispered, ‘Yes I do.'” But the subject never comes up again and the singer, rather inconstant, even seems to have forgotten his promise. The following year, Mary Austin relaunched it when she discovered a pretty wedding dress in a store window, but it was no longer up to date. “He had given up on the idea and it never happened,” she explains.

Mary Austin and Freddie Mercury: the end of the engagement

Despite a close relationship, the couple finally broke their engagement in 1976 when Mary, who already had doubts about her partner’s sexuality, realized that he was gay. They remain good friends and Mary Austin continues to act as an advisor to the singer. One day, however, she asks him to give her a child, to which he replies: “I still love you, but I cannot make love to you. I would rather have another cat”. The young woman will finally become a mother with the painter Piers Cameron, whom she meets in 1990 and with whom she has two sons, Richard and Jamie. Freddie Mercury will also become the elder’s godfather, before retiring in November 1991.

Freddie Mercury: his ashes spread in a secret place

As proof of their unwavering bond, Mary Austin dispersed the ashes of Freddie Mercury in an undisclosed location, at the singer’s request, and even the latter’s parents do not know the location. “All of my lovers have asked me why they can’t replace Mary, but it’s just impossible,” Freddie Mercury once said of Mary Austin.

Freddie Mercury and Mary Austin © EXPRESS SYNDICATION

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