He wanted to silence the rumors … During an appearance on the Jonathan Ross show, Boy George returned to his relationship with Prince. While he had assured to have slept with the interpreter of Purple Rain a few years earlier, the artist confided about their friendship: “I adored Prince. I met Prince and he did not speak for 15 minutes and it was still the most iconic conversation I have ever had. ” Referring to their meeting, Boy George continued, “I met him in Paris and he wanted to meet me, then when I sat down he didn’t say a word, he just looked at me and I wanted to. the ground swallowed me in. I walked away and I said, ‘Well, that was really interesting.’ He was certainly not disappointing, he was completely outrageous. “

When the host asked him about the rumors that he had slept with Prince, it was with a laugh that the Culture Club star said: “No! When I was doing The Voice, Paloma Faith said: ‘Oh I worked with him, ‘and I said,’ Oh I slept with him, ‘just to get over her, but I said,’ I slept with a poster of him under my bed. ‘ “Before adding:” I am a big fan of Prince! ” During this interview, the star also took the opportunity to reveal that he was single …

Boy George claimed to have slept with Prince

In October 2015, it was during the filming of the British edition of The Voice that Boy George had claimed to have slept with Prince. According to The Sun, this claim drove the show’s audiences crazy. A source assured: “We couldn’t believe he said. And backstage, they weren’t standing anymore. The audience went crazy, they thought they had just witnessed an exclusive reveal. other jurors thought it was awesome, especially Will.i.am. He kept coming over to Boy George and giving him stuff, which kept the audience going every time. The production crew ended up doing it. go up on stage and talk to them. After which Boy George started back-pedaling saying that he hadn’t really slept with Prince and that in reality he just had a poster on his wall. concerns the public, it was too late. “


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