Diana Rigg: who were her two ephemeral bets?

Diana Rigg is 35 years old and is already a real star when she meets Menachem Gueffen, an Israeli painter, who would later become her first husband. “I met my other half. We fight constantly, but it’s a wonderful relationship” proclaimed the actress in People magazine after her marriage to the Israeli painter. Between them, love at first sight was not, however, immediate. The couple, who had met at a dinner in London, then spoke only of “Israel and the leaking roof of Diana Rigg” according to Menachem Gueffen’s own admission.

It was after a big argument during a trip to Tel Aviv that the interpreter of Emma Peel had asked him in marriage. Clairvoyant, Diana Rigg immediately announced: “I give this marriage a year”. It will have lasted less long in the end. After having married in July 1973, the couple divorced in September 1976 after two years of separation. The actress will finally qualify this marriage of “grotesque error”.

She met her second husband before her divorce

A year before her divorce from Menachem Gueffen, Diana Rigg had already met Archibald Hugh Stirling, her second husband and father of her only daughter Rachael Stirling. He is an English theater producer and former Scottish Guards officer. This second marriage, celebrated in 1982, ended with a second divorce, eight years later.

Rumors have it that the theater producer cheated on her with a young actress. “I was in mourning” she would later admit of her relationship with Archibald Sterling: “in public I bounced back, taking on the greatest roles I have ever played, but in private I cried. the end of something that I enjoyed so deeply “. Diana Rigg never remarried afterwards.

Diana Rigg © AGENCY

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