He is grateful to have had him as a father … On Wednesday January 15, 2020, Dwayne Johnson lost his father, Rocky, who died at the age of 75 from a heart attack. Always affected by his disappearance, it is by revealing a video of his sporting exploits that the actor wished to pay tribute to the latter. On Instagram, he wrote: “These days I look at life with deep gratitude, humility and a little bit of blessing, I’m grateful for those dreams that didn’t come true. irony of life sometimes, when the thing we want most … is sometimes the best thing that has ever happened. I failed to become an NFL player. And as complicated, that is. was my relationship with my dad, he’s the one who trained me to be a professional wrestler. And the rest of it went down in history. My dad would have turned 77 this week. Rest in peace ‘Soul Man ‘, and thank you for those dreams that don’t come true. “

A few days after the death of his father, Dwayne Johnson had received comfort from his fans. With emotion, he had thus shared: “As you know, I lost my dad a few days ago, started Dwayne Johnson. He left like that, I did not have the chance to be able to tell him at the goodbye. I would give anything I currently have to give her a big hug and kiss her to say thank you, I love you and I respect you. But I haven’t had the chance, but life is like that, as so many of you know. ” To conclude, the star added: “Many of you have asked what happened to my dad. He was not feeling well, was battling a cold and infection and on Tuesday he had what we had. called deep vein thrombosis. This is a large clot of blood that spread, traveled through his body, and entered his lungs. He quickly died of a large heart attack, such as that.”

Dwayne Johnson’s statement to his father

In June 2018, it was on the occasion of Father’s Day that the star paid tribute to the one who made him who he is today. So he said: “Little boys, by nature, idolize their father. They want to be like them, do what they do and always ask their opinion. The funny thing is that I stopped. to seek the approval of my father the day I understood what it meant to be a man, to be a father. Realizing that took me to a whole new level of gratitude for this cow love that ‘he always gave me. Years later, as a man and a father, I realize that cow love is much better than no love at all. I take it. That’s what made me the man I am. Thanks to the real Rock. “

Dwayne Johnson © FLYNET UK

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