Here is one that modesty does not stifle! Amy Kupps, a 33-year-old former teacher from North Carolina, USA, spoke to media outlet Jam Press about her population beautification project. How ? By making beautiful babies in spades, of course! The young woman, pregnant with her first child with one of her 22-year-old former students who met by chance in a bar, had this absurd idea following certain messages sent by ardent Internet users on her OnlyFans account. According to her, many of them asked her “constantly” if they could get her pregnant in turn, which would have inspired Amy Kupps this project of chain pregnancies, with different fathers. Convinced that “the world would be better if people were more beautiful and had (her) genes”, the young woman wishes to “produce beautiful babies en masse with strangers”. “There are no ugly babies but there are ugly parents,” she explains.

Endowed with approximate notions in genetics, Amy Kupps adds that there is no need to worry about the physique of the father. “It doesn’t matter if the man is ugly, the baby will be beautiful because (I would be) his mother”, assures the young woman before adding: “My genes are so strong that they will take over on any man’s bad genes (…) I will definitely pass on my beautiful eyes, strong facial features, high metabolism and intelligence.”

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“I’m going to have to put my body up for auction”

Ambitious, Amy Kupps still claims to have set certain limits to her project: “I want to carry lots of babies but no more than 25 in total – that will be my limit”, she declares before specifying “I will have to put auction my body and give it to the highest bidder. I don’t know how much it could bring me, but it’s not the financial aspect that matters, I just want to make the world a better place. Let’s hope that his future children will also inherit his benevolence…

Determined to bless the world with her genes she wants to make lots of babies with strangers


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