It is a testimony that sends shivers down the spine. This Friday, February 18, it is on Instagram that Zahia Dehar confided in the appalling daily life that she would have lived with her companion, who according to her, would have “destroyed” her: “He always found something to do to me As soon as I got my head out of depression, it plunged me back into it. (…) The person I was was lost. I gave up on my private life. Maybe I I didn’t receive any visible blows, but my psychological state is very real”. The young woman, now a model, says she was raped by her companion on multiple occasions.

Zahia Dehar then evokes the unthinkable: “I was in pain, I was screaming, I said to him ‘no, that hurts me too much, I can’t’ he forced me. (…) He said to me ‘if you don’t don’t satisfy, I’m going to look elsewhere’ and after this blackmail, he raped me”. A chilling story that made its subscribers react during this live. Indeed, many of them advised him to file a complaint, in order to punish the one who bruised his body and his life. The young woman admitted to having had dark thoughts but had preferred to move forward so as not to “commit suicide”.

Zahia Dehar: “I’m not ashamed, I won’t stop”

During this live, Zahia Dehar claims to be determined: “I’m not ashamed, I won’t stop. To all those who tell me that I’m ridiculous, that I’m destroying my image, I don’t care. I’m going so bad that I want to share it with the world. I’ll keep you all updated on every step.” A way also to continue to free the voice of women, to encourage those who, like her, have suffered domestic and sexual violence. The top model has promised her fans to keep them informed on the progress of the case, she who wishes to denounce the actions of this companion, in court.

Zahia Dehar © Denis Guignebourg

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