“The Nathalie that I was, an epicurean, died on the morning of September 3, 2016”. It is with these words that Nathalie Huygens, 50, spoke of the rape of which she was the victim. In an interview with Het Laatste Niuews, relayed by 7sur7, this 50-year-old Belgian returned to the trauma that pushed her to want to be euthanized. A request accepted by two psychiatrists and a doctor. These health professionals judged that his psychological suffering was unbearable. At the material time, the mother-of-two actually thought she would get over it. Then she realized: “Everything changed (…) I felt like an intruder, alone and lonely (…) Part of me seemed to be dead.”

Despite her fighter temperament, Nathalie began a terrible descent into hell. Panic attacks, anxiety, suicidal thoughts… his daily life has become unbearable. The 50-year-old could no longer bear to eat with her family or sleep with her husband: “I actually attempted suicide.” She chained admissions to psychiatry but her psychological pain unfortunately took over: “I am so, so tired. Exhausted. During these more than six years, apart from sleeping, there is not half an hour where I don’t think about what happened to me. Already, I live continuously with the physical after-effects. I can’t eat hard food anymore, my left eye hurts constantly (…) I don’t know how to live anymore .”

She wants justice before being euthanized

Nathalie is relieved to have obtained the green light she had been hoping for for two years now. “Knowing now that I can die is somewhat reassuring,” she confessed. Her children support her in this process. “Almost six years later, even the most dedicated caregivers in the country are at a loss for what to do… We have been in a situation for years where mum is still physically alive, but mentally long gone (. ..) In my mom’s place, I wouldn’t want to live either” wrote her son in an open letter published in March 2022. Nathalie is now awaiting the civil trial of her attacker before starting the euthanasia procedure which, remember, is legal in Belgium.

Destroyed by rape, she obtains authorization from doctors to be euthanized


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