This young man from Lancashire was found dead by his family in his home in Broughton, at the age of 31. However, a routine screening could have avoided this sudden death. Nathan Bryan died of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome or SADS, the Mirror reports on Nov. 17, 2022. He went into sudden cardiac arrest with no obvious cause. The unexpected death of Nathan Bryan has left his family devastated especially as this tragic death could have possibly been prevented. Citing the GrimsblyLive, the Mirror reports that Nathan might not have died had a heart screening detected his health issues earlier.

3 years before his sudden death, Gill Ayling had been told that his son Nathan did not need heart screening, despite there being a history in Nathan’s family and close circle. We learn that at the age of 12, Nathan Bryan’s sister had undergone numerous heart operations. “We asked if Nathan should be tested for a similar problem, but were told it wasn’t necessary as he showed no signs,” said Gill Ayling, Nathan Bryan’s mother.

SADS: a disease without symptoms

90% of people who die from SADS have no symptoms. The sudden death of her son prompted Gill Ayling to fight for a cause. She wants anyone in the same situation as Nathan Bryan to have easier access to heart screening. Nathan Bryan’s mother started working with the charity Cardiac Risk in Young and through their charity The Beat Goes On they were able to fundraise. “We have managed to arrange two screenings at Scunthorpe next year, on 11 and 12 January at Hope House between 9am and 4pm,” Gill said.

Despite his history he is denied routine exams, his family will not recover

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