Courtney Nixon, 27, is a strong critic of a general practitioner practice. The latter would have missed a diagnosis of bronchitis on his 7 week old baby, Colton Weird, on 2 occasions. This mother started to worry seriously about her baby after he started to vomit after each feeding. On September 13, this mother of 5 took her baby to Balderton Primary Care Center, her general practitioner. An initiative motivated by the fact that the baby did not drink milk for 48 hours.

Only the doctors just sent him back to his home in Fernwood in Nottingham. These doctors even added that the child’s abnormal breathing was completely normal for a newborn baby. The day after this strange diagnosis, little Colton simply stopped eating. His mother, Courtney, then took him to the doctor’s office who told him the baby was dehydrated.

More than 48 hours on oxygen in intensive care

After being advised to take her child to Queens Medical Center, it was discovered that little Colton’s oxygen levels had dropped. Newborn babies have also been diagnosed with bronchitis. 48 hours followed under oxygen in intensive care. In fact, the doctors seriously considered intubating and ventilating the child.

“They told me at the hospital that if I hadn’t taken care of him then, he wouldn’t have survived the afternoon,” Courtney recounts before adding “And he would have been recorded as sudden infant death syndrome because the general practitioner had not detected what was wrong with him “. “The hospital expected to see a dehydrated child, but not seriously ill,” she said.

Courtney Nixon and her baby © The Sun

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