The iconic Baywatch star has surely had the scare of his life. Denise Richards, along with her husband Aaron, were the victims of a driver caught in road rage. It was Aaron who was driving his pickup, according to The Sun. The RHOBH reality TV star couple were on the road to Los Angeles. We learn that he was scheduled to go to Popsicle Studio L.A. on Monday, Nov. 14, 2022. Citing TMZ, The Sun reports that Aaron and the 51-year-old actress were having trouble finding the studio.

As they tried to find their way, a driver behind them got angry. Still, Aaron would have let him pass. It was then that, seized with rage at the wheel, the driver fired. The latter did not reach Aaron or Denise. His bullet hit the back of the driver’s side pickup. Although Charlie Sheen’s ex was not affected, nor Aaron Phypers for that matter, the former RHOBH star was reportedly emotional after this terrifying incident that could have turned into a tragedy. Since this incident on Monday November 14, Lola’s mother has been relatively discreet on the Internet and on social networks.

Denise Richards’ daughter was in a car accident recently

In the end, the car incident involving Denise Richards and her companion Aaron was resolved rather well. None of them were injured. But this incident surely traumatized the 51-year-old actress. According to TMZ, after the incident, Denise worked for 12 hours. During those 12 hours, Aaron stayed with her. They were also escorted off the studio set by an off-duty police officer. The Sun recalls that last June, Lola, the daughter of Denise Richards with actor Charlie Sheen, had driven her Volkswagen into an embankment. The accident also caused no injuries.

Denise Richards: her husband involved in a car accident, she is shot

Denise Richards © Bruno Bebert

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