Demonic! He sacrifices two sisters to win the Loto

Danyal Hussein is 19 years old and, during a satanic sacrifice, he violently took the lives of two sisters. Bibaa Henry was 46 and Nicole Smallman was 27. Both died under the violent stab wounds of Danyal, in the middle of a birthday party. According to the police, if the young man had not injured his hand during his crime, he would undoubtedly have continued to kill many more women …

After the young man’s arrest, a handwritten letter was found in his room, as The Sun relates. On it, a pact between himself and the demon, signed in blood. Danyal promises to “sacrifice women”, a minimum of six times every six months, as long as he is able. And this in exchange for winning the Mega MillionsCredit Super Jackpot, and “never being suspected of any crime by the police”. Two days before the murders, the young man had bought several knives, duct tape, as well as several lottery tickets.

The bodies of the two sisters found near a pond

The bodies of the two women, who were celebrating a birthday in a park on the day of the tragedy, were found two days after the murders. Bibaa had been stabbed 8 times, and Nicole 28 times. Next to their bodies, investigators also found a knife, as well as latex gloves covered in their brother’s blood. At the crime scene, Danyal’s DNA is everywhere.

Heard for his crimes in June, the young man nevertheless continued to deny his involvement in the murders. However, in his room, the police did indeed find several handwritten notes signed with his name. They also confide that Danyal has been exposed to occult content on the Dark Web, and that he has had several conversations with others about “demon” already. During his trial, he was found guilty of both murders and will be sentenced on September 22.

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