Deminers discover suspicious package with unlikely content

On Wednesday February 17, a team of deminers was called in Ohio (United States) for a suspicious package that was abandoned near a church. But don’t panic, this suspicious package operation has finished very well, according to the American media CNN.

When the authorities arrived on the scene, they understood that the contents of this package were not very dangerous, hearing … purring. The Butler County Sheriff’s Office clarified in a Facebook post: “Specialists Mike Grimes and Det Detherag heard no ticking, they heard purring.”

The kittens were wet with their mother’s urine

As you will understand, inside this bag, it was neither a bomb, nor a dangerous product, but a litter of 6 kittens which seemed to have been born a few hours before. But that’s not all, there was also a note on the mother’s name and the time she gave birth: “The mother’s name is Sprinkles. She gave birth at 2 p.m., Wednesday February 17th. “

Sprinkles and her babies have been taken to a shelter. “The mother did her best to keep her newborns warm and to feed them, detail the volunteers in a Facebook post. The kittens were all wet with their mother’s urine, and they had to be groomed. arrival. Sprinkles has been vaccinated and her blood test appears to show that she is in good health. On Friday February 19, the small family was entrusted to a foster family. A story that ends well.

A mother and her 6 kittens were found in a bag © Capture Facebook

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