Demi Moore: who is her first husband, Freddy Moore?

His name was Freddy Moore, and they met at a nightclub in Los Angeles. She was 16, he was 29, and was married to another. For her, he divorced, and they were able to get married the following year. They stayed together for five years. The “funny” anecdote? Demi Moore confided on the set of Ellen De Generes to have cheated on her fiance the day before their wedding: she escaped through the kitchen window to go with another, then came back the next day to get married. Class ! She explained her gesture by the fact that she was very lost because she had just lost her father. At the time, she confessed everything to her husband, who forgave her! They remained married for several years, before divorcing: this time, it was the gentleman who had gone elsewhere.

Freddy Moore was born in 1950: he is a musician who has been a member of several rock groups. In the 1980s, he became known in the United States with the song It’s Not A Rumor, which he also co-wrote with Demi (if you are curious to see her in her early days, know that she appears in the clip)! His group then became The Nu Kats, then he joined the Boy group. On the private side, Freddy Moore married his longtime partner, Renée, in 2005 and since he was 60, he has suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.

Why has Demi Moore kept her name?

After their divorce in 1985, Demi Moore kept her name because she was already using it in her acting career. Simply ! She told People magazine: “Everyone knew me by name, I had no reason to change”! Regarding his ex, Freddy declared for his part that he had “never known a woman with such a need to be appreciated and loved”. He also took the opportunity to tackle the actress on her problems with alcohol. A problem that the actress has never hidden: the ex-wife of Bruce Willis has always spoken openly about his many stays in rehab.


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