Scout LaRue Willis, the daughter of Dmi Moore and Bruce Willis, one of Hollywood’s most glamorous ex-couples, has just celebrated its 30th birthday on July 20. For the occasion, her mother published a tender text on her Instagram account which has 2.4 million followers.

“You were already blazing your own path when you decided to arrive 3 and a half weeks early 30 years ago” she captioned her post where we can see them in swimsuits, more accomplices than ever. The 58-year-old actress did not hesitate to story a photo of her daughter when she was born and to publish a tender photo between mother and daughter when Scout was still a baby. “I learn from you everyday. You inspire me. I really appreciate you” … “I am honored to be your mother. I can’t wait to share this life with you. I love you at madness! “. A moving statement for one of his three daughters.

And this is not the only one to have honored the 30 years of the pretty blonde. Rumer Willis, two years older than her, also posted a message for her little sister. “Happy 30th best friend @scoutlaruewillis The love I have for you is immeasurable” she wrote.

Scout LaRue Willis: an actress career and a sulphurous past

Girl of icons of the big screen, Scout LaRue Willis has also taken the same path as her family. It must be said that his two sisters have themselves become actresses. The youngest Willis, played in several films alongside her mother, such as Striptease by Andrew Bergman in 1996 or Bandits by Barry Levinson in 2001 with her father as headliner. Engaged in feminist struggles, in 2016 she launched the hashtag #freethenipples. Despite a clear career, the young actress quickly fell into the infernal circle of Hollywood.

Scout LaRue Willis gradually sinks into addictions and especially alcohol. At just 20, she was arrested by US law enforcement for drinking alcohol, bought with a fake ID. A few years later, in 2017, she declared in an Instagram post that she had quit drinking. “I finally started to live entirely in the present, without filters, chemical crutches or easy solutions. Every day since then, I have met the best version of myself.”

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