Demi Lovato: she stages her overdose in her new music video

“It’s just a little red wine, that’ll be fine. It’s not like I want to do this every night …” Thus begins the text of Dancing With The Devil, from the seventh studio album by Demi Lovato, Dancing with the Devil … the Art of Starting Over. On Friday April 2, the 28-year-old singer lifted the veil on the clip of her song, a video of extreme gravity in which she stages the overdose that almost cost her life, July 24, 2018. Mascara aux cheeks, respirator in her nose, the artist illustrates how she came to pass out, almost three years ago, after mixing oxycodone, fentanyl and naloxone.

So Lovato first appears in the middle of a bar, consuming copious amounts of alcohol before returning home by taxi. At the end of the first chorus, several audio extracts from old television news announces the overdose of the young singer, who, in the image, is found unconscious in her bed. Rescue teams then appear, who rush her to the hospital without knowing if she can be saved. In the background, Demi Lovato continues to sing: “I was dancing with the devil, out of control. I almost reached Heaven, it was much closer than you think” … The artist however ends up resuming conscience, and the clip ends with a shot of his tattoo of the word “Survivor”, done in December 2019 following his “meeting with the devil” …

“I felt totally abandoned so I drank”

Now out of business, Demi Lovato recently returned to the events of 2018 in an interview with Ellen Degeneres. She said she suffered from severe eating disorders that caused her to relapse into alcohol after six years of sobriety until her body could no longer take it. “I asked for help, but I didn’t get the help I needed. I had been sober for six years, but I was miserable. I was more miserable than when I was drinking. I felt totally abandoned so I drank, “she confessed. Now determined to shed light on drug and alcohol-related issues, the singer recently unveiled the documentary Dancing With The Devil, in which she looks back on her life since producing her Tell Me You Love Me World Tour, in 2018.

Demi Lovato © Backgrid UK

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